Ticket Severity/Priority FAQ

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This article should help in understanding what ticket priorities are, and how they impact the handling of your ticket.

What is Severity/Priority?

Ticket Severity/Priority is a relative measure used to describe how serious of an impact the issue described by a support ticket is causing to our clients, and is used to help us work to resolve issues in order of priority, in addition to in the order they are submitted. This ensures that our team focuses on resolving major problems first, even if several less impactful issues were submitted earlier in the day.

How is Severity/Priority Determined?

When submitting a ticket via our Support Portal, we ask you about the Impact and Urgency of your ticket. These two things, along with your description of the issue, help our team to assess how seriously the issue you are having is impacting your company, so we can assign an appropriate ticket Severity (also called Priority).

What if I feel my ticket is a higher or lower severity/priority?

If you feel your ticket has been inaccurately categorized as a lower or higher priority, please let us know with an update to your ticket. 

We have a set of guidelines we follow in order to determine the severity/priority of a ticket. However, these guidelines require accurate information from our clients and participants about how the issue is affecting them, and we may not have all of that information when the ticket is first reviewed and classified, so we welcome more information or feedback!

What are the different levels, and what are the guidelines?

Ticket Priority

Low (4)Issues of this priority are having minimal or no immediate effect on business processes or operations, but require a resolution.
Example: A bug that is only impacting a single user, who is still able to access other features on the site. Or, an issue with an eligibility file which can be manually corrected.
Medium (3)Issues of this priority are having a moderate effect on the affected company. Business processes may be impaired or compromised, but normal business operations can continue.
Example: A subset of users are unable to access the product, or all users are unable to access a subset of the product (a specific feature for example).
High (2)Issues of this priority are having a significant effect on the affected company's core business operations, or client services may be compromised.
An effective workaround solution may be available.
Example: Company participants are unable to sign in using SSO.
Urgent (1)The highest priority, tickets of this type are rare. An issue at this level is causing a major effect to the majority of the affected company's core business operations or client services, which may be severely compromised, or systems containing company data are being breached.
No workaround solution is immediately available.
Example: All users of a company are completely unable to access the product.

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